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        The Sacred Mountain of Varese



Civil and religious centre and province chief town since 1927. Varese preserves remarkable examples of  architecture and art from the late Middle Ages to mid ‘900. A visit to the town allows understanding of the connections among the most significant places, both civil and religious. Varese has been appointed “Garden Town” thanks to its innumerable villas sorrounded by gardens and parks.


A place of pilgrimage and worship. It is one of the Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy included in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE list.  You can have an easy and pleasant walk up – about 2 Kmts – along a cobbled pathway. This devotional complex consists of 14 chapels built between 1604 and 1623. Inside, they have terra-cotta statues and frescoes telling the three Misteries of the Marian Rosary. A Sanctuary stands at the top of the way. It is richly decorated with works of art and it is surrounded by a Monastery and an ancient village which developed through time. So rich in history and charm, they stand closely clustered on the slopes of the mountain.  A place endowed with panoramic views from where you can admire the beauty of nature in this area.


   Adventure Park Villaggio Cagnola



The Adventure Park Villaggio Cagnola is Varese’s adventure park! Located in the beautiful park of Villa Cagnola near the Sorgenti dell’Olona, it is a unique amusement park: the suspended paths suitable for children aged 4 to 90 years pass through the foliage of centuries old trees.
What  are you waiting for? Come here and have fun with us




Nature and art on the way to Saint Gemolo

A short trip to the luxuriant Valganna, where you can admire the beauty of Nature and come to know Saint Gemolo Abbey which has influenced the history and development of the area since the Middle Ages. You’ll discover a land rich in legends and art, in unique natural surroundings worthy to be known and safeguarded. Please: wear comfortable shoes!



Azzio and the Franciscan Convent


A visit to this peaceful holiday village located on the Northern side of the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park. It is a well known place for its ex- Franciscan Convent dedicated to SS. Antonio and Eusebio. The church was declared to be National Monument. It preserves XVIII century frescoes by G.B. Ronchelli. Outside, its front wall is surrounded and enlivened by a delicious Via Crucis.




       Salvini Museum in Cocquio-Trevisago


The guided tour to the pretty historic centre of this village will pay special attention to Saint Andrew Church and to the Salvini Museum. This is named after the expressionist painter Innocente Salvini (1889 – 1979). It is located in a watermill built in 1870 on the Viganella river. The archaic mechanisms are still in perfect working order.   Salvini’s paintings display deep feelings towards Nature,  family and daily life. His colour schemes combine the Macchiaioli technique and the principles of Divisionism. A truly unique place not to be missed.



         Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

            The Floriano Bodini Museum in Gemonio





Guided tour to one of the most beautiful villas in the Varese area. It was built in the XVI century as a Country House. Later on, it was turned into a pleasure residence. The large French styled park is magnificent. It covers a hill slope from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view.


Guided tour to the treasures of the small village of Gemonio. It includes a visit to the delicious Romanic church of Saint Peter, to the Church dedicated to Saint Rocco and to the Floriano Bodini Museum. This artist (1933 – 2005) reached national fame. A very old farm house, with porches and barns  restored on the basis of modern techniques to become the set of a rich and interesting collection of sculptures. Open on Sundays only.


TREKKING  -  Trips and tours, hicking only.

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Sacro Monte e Campo dei Fiori


@ 48 km from Palazzo MIA

Loc. Piano delle Noci – 22024 Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO) - I

Par 68  - 9 Holes 

Opening hours:

From tuesday to sunday from 8.00 am until 20.00 pm

Closing days:


Info: +39 031839060



@ 58 km from Palazzo MIA

Via Golf, 12 - 22010 Grandola ed Uniti (CO) - I 

Par 70  - 18 Holes 

Opening hours:

From monday to sunday from 8.00 am until 20.00 pm



Info: +39 034432103 or




Art and Nature can be enjoyed at only few minutes from town. An average difficulty tour aiming to discover Varese Sacro Monte. It is a real jewel of mannerist art and of breathtaking views from the Northern side of Campo dei Fiori Mountain. The trip will centainly meet the demands of tourists longing to know works of art made by man and created by Nature as well. The trips are along mountain tracks. Suitable clothes and shoes are recommended.


Also called the Village of Painters. Its magic appears step by step as you walk through the narrow cobbled streets of this small mountain hamlet of the Casalzuigno Commune. It is right at the very heart of the verdant Valcuvia Valley. In 1956 it was turned into the first Italian painted village, thanks to the work of important artists representative of the major Italian trends of mid ‘900. They frescoed the walls of the houses. At the end of the tour you will be able to trek to the near Saint Martino Mountain (1087 mts) along mule tracks and military roads. The place was a stage to war actions during World War II. A full load of art and recent history and a great enjoyment of magnificent views over the Valcuvia Valley and Lake Maggiore. The trip is on a mountainous area: suitable clothes and shoes are recommended

CAR – Tours and trips by car.  Full day:  6 – 8 hours about



From Angera Rocca to Saint Catherine of the Rock Hermitage

Lake Maggiore: Piedmont Shore


Varese Province is well kown as a delighful lake district endowed with extremely beautiful landscapes. It is a precious land rich in historical and art monuments. When admiring the imposing Rocca Borromeo which stands on a rocky spur overlooking Lake Maggiore you’ll be spellbound by tales of centuries of history hidden within the thick walls. Even more, after a short walk through Angera, a delicious small lake town, you will discover another delightful place full of the charm of its history and culture: Saint Catherine of the Rock Hermitage. It has been a shelter for pious men since the Middle Ages. Today it is one of the symbols of Varese Province. Visits are allowed from March 26th to October 20th. You can buy your admission ticket at the Rocca.




For centuries the Verbano Western shore has been an important international holiday attraction. The romantic walks along the lake shore, the smart style of the hotels built in previous centuries, the view over the surrounding hills and mountains have an irresistible appeal on tourists. You can set out to find small inhabited villages quite on the lake waters, or by public small boats you can reach the Borromeo Isles. Among them you can visit Fishermen Isle, an ancient place inhabited by people once living on fishing. Today it is a small holiday place where getting lost through the labyrinth of its narrow streets  is a magic experience. You can also go to Isola Bella. There, the majestic Palazzo Barocco and the nearby garden, with its terraced laid upon terraced cultivated areas can make the visitor understand the ancient glorious grandeur and the power  the Borromeos had upon these lands.



Ascona is the nearest Swiss village. It is at 196 mts above sea level, set on the Northern shore of Lake Maggiore. It is famous for its historical town centre and for its lakeside, a reminder of Mediterranean flavours. Thanks to its open cafés and the mild climate, a Jazz Festival attracts tourists here from all over Europe, during the summer.





Set to the West of Lake Maggiore, it is the most Western lake among the pre-alpine lakes in North Italy. On the Eastern side softly sloping hills separate it from Lake Maggiore. Among them the Mottarone Mountain reaches 1491 mts in height. The climate is mild, the shores and the surrounding areas are picturesque, rich in woods, tilled lands and small villages which overlook the reflecting surface of the lake. In the central area of the Eastern shore a village stands. Through time it has given its name to the lake. Once it was called Cusio and this is  how the area is still called today. Orta Saint Giulio is a wellkown and romantic holiday resort. At its back the imposing Sacro Monte stands. It consists of 20 chapels frescoed by Morazzone. Opposite it, you can see Saint Giulio Isle with its Basilica which takes its name from the Isle itself. It dates back to the IV century and was rebuilt during the IX and XI centuries.






From Como to Bellagio

Lugano – the largest town in the holiday region of Ticino, in addiction to be the third financial hub and an important convention, bank, and business centre of Switzerland, it's also the town of parks, flowering gardens, villas and religious buildings.

Lugano lies in a north shore bay of Lake Lugano, surrounded by numerous panoramic mountains. The traffic-free inner city, with its numerous Lombardy style buildings, unique museums, mountains, the lake and plenty of events, represent an attraction for tourists, both for those who like sport, and for those who prefer relaxing. Thanks to its temperate climate, people choose Lugano as tourist destination since spring, when camellias bloom.

Its squares and Mediterranean arcades of the town centre, but also its numerous parks, like the Civic Park on the lake shore, exhort the visitor to the sweet doing nothing, to rest and relax. The lakeshore promenade is surrounded by Belvedere garden, decorated with beautiful subtropical plants and with modern artworks.

From the top of Mount San Salvatore and Mount Brè , that overlook Lugano, people can have an extraordinary view of the town, the lake and the surrounding mountains. From Mount Brè, a pedestrian path descends till the village of  Brè, that even today preserves its typical charm of Ticino, adding some refined artworks. An excursion that starts from San Salvatore leads down to the adorable village of Carona and continues to Morcote. The tour ends in a perfect way with a return by boat till Lugano. Other possibilities of excursion leads to the fishing village of Gandria, to Mount Lema, to Mount Generoso, or to the Lilliput world of Swissminiatur in Melide, without forgetting the numerous beaches of Lugano for the Swiss hot summers.







Bellagio, known as the “Lake Pearl”, is the ideal starting point from which people can see fascinating views and visit wonderful places.

The old Hamlet, with a sequence of ancient and suggestive houses, is full of mysterious alleys and typical cobbled staircases where people can find colourful little shops.




Lake Como and its lands fascinate with their clear waters and their innumerable natural, architectural and artistic beauties, surrounded by high mountain chains with their majestic or gentle tops. In the southern part, those give space to the green landscape of Brianza, with its villas, castles and hills that are marked by the rivers Adda and Lambro.

In the north-west part, Como, that is the regional capital of the same name province, is close to the Swiss border, and it has always been one of the best vertexes of the Triangolo Lariano, maintaining, during the centuries, the role of important commercial and tourist centre.





Bike. Tours by bike only.  Departure and arrival fromn Palazzo MIA. 

( 3-4 hours about )





Lake Orta



Campo dei Fiori Ring Route

Sentiero n. 10 (MTB)


A pleasant trip to the discovery of some of the most attractive spots in the Campo dei Fiori Park. It takes place along n°10 pathway which runs all around the mountain massif. It is a pleasant ride of average difficulty, requiring some technical skills on rocky paths. During the ride you will have the chance of admiring numerous interesting natural areas and some small villages still showing the marks of their rural past.



  Val di Rasa e Brinzio

It is a trip with no technical difficulties but it could be demanding because of some hills to be crossed. It will lead you to know the verdant Valganna. There you can visit the important Benedictine Abbey and get to know its legends. You will be able to go on to discover Varese outskirts including Saint Ambrogio district and  Rasa village, both showing pleasant artistic and natural elements. Last but not the least you’ll find Brinzio a small village entirely included within the Campo dei Fiori Park. Brinzio has kept its ancient look with courtyards and balconies almost unchanged through time.