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Palazzo Mia is our mansion located in the beautiful and small village of Castello Cabiaglio. The village, established by the Romans in the second-century b.C., is surrounded by hills with forests of chestnut and beech trees. 

The most tourists who visit Castello Cabiaglio want to discover the local natural landscapes and also live the village history.​ Below you can have a look over all our apartments and suite.


appartamento con sauna dormire a varese appartamento lontano da citta dormire a varese e dintorni

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Feel Safe

We finicky clean our apartments after each use with products that comply with the best hygiene rules to avoid the diseases spread.

Stay Relieved

Our locations are designed to let you do everything in full autonomy. You will meet our staff only if you request it.

Get Refunded

We refund the value of the reservation until five days before the check-in. Alternatively, we can change the booking dates.